Relationship 2.0

Relationship 2.0

Get your ex back: AI-tailored path.

An AI to pinpoint your exact problem. And to give you a tailored path to get your ex back into a new loving healthy relationship.

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Most of Get Ex Back advices fail, because they're too generic, or outright harmful!

Did you know doing long no contact can help you get your Fearful Avoidant ex back, but it will push away your Dismissive Avoidant ex?


Go down the rabbit hole of getting ex back advices online


Feel lost, don't know what to do


Panic and push the ex away.

Let AI guide you to your Relationship 2.0

  • Find out what went wrong
  • Identify the mistakes that you made
  • Identify the mistakes that your ex made
  • Uncover the psychological roots of the breakup, e.g. attachment theory, communication issues.

Whom this is not for

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